Zach's is amazing! The quality of the product for the price is hands down the best deal on the market!! Glad to see Costco is now carrying it!!
Zachs is a small, individually owned business. I have talked with the owner and he is awesome! My dogs were on Zach's chicken and rice for almost a year before our local supplier stopped carrying it. My dogs loved it, shedding was reduced, waste was reduced and so were allergies.
I have had my two dogs (one big, one little) on Zacks for 3 bags worth now and couldn't be happier.

About Zach's.

Daniel Willis Owner and operator of Daniel's Distributing/Zach's Dog Food opened its doors in 2003 as a home delivery service. The company is named after his grandson (Zachary, aka Zach), and is family operated.

Why Zach's Dog Food Matters

- Excellent source of chicken meal to provide high quality proteins.

- Contains rice to improve your dog's digestibility and provides carbohydrates.

- Chicken fat help improves the taste and to provide high amount of energy for your dog.

Zach's Business

Zach's Dog Food services homes, kennels, feed stores, and pet stores. Zach's is now being made available to faraway places through several methods of shipping.

We advertised Zach's Dog Food using flyers, giving out free decorative sample bags. Soon, customers began calling and ordering their own bags of Zach's. I took the 'common sense' approach to serving customers: offering the best products at the most reasonable prices, prompt service, and to treat customers like I would like to be treated.
- Daniel Willis